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Show 12-18-08 Wendy Marks--I am a Medical Intuitive and Rehabilitation Counselor with 30 years of experience in traditional and complementary health therapies.  I have significant experience in developing intuition for improved health and well-being.  I provide Medical Intuitive sessions, Energy Healing, Integrative Therapy, Shamanic Studies, and Soul Retrieval and Energy Medicine to individuals who are eager to improve their physical, mental and spiritual health.  With considerable knowledge in both traditional medicine and non-traditional therapies, I enjoy working as a counselor, speaker and columnist.

I hold a post master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, and a C.S.S. degree from Harvard.  I am a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, a fellow of the American Psychological Association, and a diplomate of the American Association of Integrative Medicine. For more info…

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