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05-09-18 Using Relationships for Awakening

Enjoy this profound session – which is part of the “Awakening from the Dream” Online Retreat with David Hoffmeister, on the theme of “Using Relationships for Awakening” which took place between April 6-8 2018.

Listen as David speaks from the heart about his own experience of guidance from the Holy Spirit where he was told:  “All relationships have absolutely no value to your peace of mind!” David describes the difference between the ego’s use of relationships and the Holy Spirit’s purpose for all relationships, which is only for healing, for peace and for bringing the mind back to unified perception. How do you ‘do’ this? By being willing to see that the only problem is your fragmented perception, that the problem is never between people.  By surrendering all your beliefs and expectations for the Spirit’s purpose of forgiveness. By opening to the present moment, which is the gateway to eternity.

If you find yourself asking the Holy Spirit, like David did: “Where is all this heading? Will I still experience joy and peace? What will be the outcome in my life? Listen and be assured by David that: “It’s been more and more miraculous!”

Recorded at La Quinta del Sol, Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico on the 7th of April, 2018.
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