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Look for the Good Carrie Rowan08-28-23 Unlock Your Potential: Overcome Procrastination & Perfectionism

Episode Summary:
Dive into Episode 29 of Look for the Good and discover the secrets to conquering two of life’s biggest productivity killers: procrastination and perfectionism. Join our host and the inspiring Sandra Kearney as they dissect the narratives that keep us stuck, and share transformative mantras to redirect our mindset. Whether you’re aiming for personal growth or business success, this episode offers the tools to help you break free and thrive. Don’t wait or procrastinate—tune in NOW! Show airs on Monday’s at 5am and 5pm on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network.

Sandy KearneyBio:
COVID-19 has set up some challenges for our newly formed company. However, Sandy’s experience and relationships have allowed Human Power Solutions to continue to serve our clients in this virtual setting. Our clients are experiencing interactive training events which are helping keep the employees connected and engaged to each other during the physical separation.

Sandy has compiled an excellent team of people to take companies to the next level from leadership skills to increased sales to top notch customer service! Her company, Human Power Solutions allows the flexibility to focus on what is truly best for their clients. For over four years, Sandy has been helping companies and individuals learn and apply what it takes to get to the next level in their business. She has her Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership through Nichols College. Sandy brings a level of understanding and ability to help companies figure out where they need help in their business, whether it is soft skills, technical or consulting. Human Power’s team is full of experts who add value to every organization. As a business owner, Sandy brings a level of experience and understanding of the day to day issues facing managers and business owners. She helps to assess the entire organization, from the top down, to help maximize productivity and results, creating a plan and pathway to success. Individuals and businesses from all industries and backgrounds hire Sandy to solve problems and become more efficient. They typically enjoy an increase in sales, profitability, revenue, employee productivity and effectiveness, while also reducing waste and expenses. For those individuals looking for a holistic success solution, Sandy and her team at Human Power Solutions help people achieve more of their goals and ultimate potential in every area of life.

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