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Goddess Unleashed with Diane Vich03-05-20 Unleash your Inner Strength

Diane presents a new mini lesson called Release and Relax on this episode.  She explains the symptoms we experience are signs to take action and release the stress that is causing it.  She explains the root cause of disease and illness is truly tackled by addressing the physical root and emotional root.  The physical root are the cycles our bodies get stuck in as they respond to stress.  This cycle is dependent on the individual and each person processes stress differently.  The amazing thing that emerges through awareness of your stress response is power over your body.  It takes the control back into your own hands by using your awareness to reduce the stress in the moment.  She guides you through a visualization of a stressful conversation and then leads you to feeling the shifts in your body as you release the stress.  The second half of the episode she shares the amazing feedback she received after the event.  She also talks about her coach Oscar Guerrero, who helped her pass her terror barrier and get on that stage.  Because her biggest dream was to be on stage but her biggest fear was also the same.  She pushed through and reached the hearts of many men and women in the room with her powerful visualization.  She recalls the transformation many women experienced from teary eyed faces into smiles.  She was absolutely grateful for the experience to share her story on Stage.

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