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Look for the Good Carrie Rowan07-24-23 How an Unexpected Change can Lead to Your Awakening 


Ever have a turn in life that doesn’t go the way you expected, but it ends up being the very thing that you needed? Well you will totally relate to Episode 24 which talks about how life can bring us unexpected change that ends up being a good thing. I love this chat with my special guest, Jean Gearty, Certified Light Therapist and owner of Red Light Therapy4U. She enlightens us with her moving story of how she started her fabulous business by first being a customer of red light therapy herself. She’ll also share a moving story of how she got an unexpected wake up call that changed her life for the better. Tune in on Monday 7/24/23 at 5am and 5pm on Dreamvisions7 Radio Network to catch it live or download it from the archives anytime.

Jean GeartyBIO:

“Red Light Therapy4U LLC was founded after personally experiencing acute shoulder pain for months on end. I endured many cortisone shots and physical therapy sessions, none of which provided long-term relief to my pain problem.

One day while listening to a bio-hacking podcast, I realized the repeated use of red and near-infrared therapy whenever the discussion was surrounding pain and inflammation. This sent me on a Google search for red light therapy. What I found was one location offering the service in Boston.

Just two months later, after 2 weekly sessions of Red and near-Infrared light therapy, I was feeling a huge difference. Not only had my pain subsided but my range of motion had increased. I also found that after each treatment I felt relaxed and calm.

It was my personal experience with Red Light Therapy that led me to start Red Light Therapy4U LLC. Red light therapy could benefit you too! I’m a living, breathing testament that this therapy works! Give us a call and let us talk through your wellness and health goals and see how our therapy can help you achieve them.

We all need light to live. We do not get enough to feed our cells. Red and near-Infrared light therapy can help!

No pills, no needles, just LIGHT!”

Jean G.
Certified Light Therapist
Owner of Red Light Therapy4U

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