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06-16-23 Self-Talk – Fusing Affirmations with Deep Relaxation and Guided Imagery Part 2

In part two, we will examine exactly how much affirmations work. We will examine the algorithms programmed into our minds and how they mislead us. We will see how our daily problems, illnesses, and bad habits result from these algorithms guiding our behavior. And we will examine how to use deep relaxation (entering the present), guided imagery, and ultra-powered affirmations to create a different way of being, healing, and acting in the future.

We will examine how it is that when we react emotionally, we are actually not in the present moment. In fact, we are reacting based on imaginary ideas about the past and the future., And we will see that these do not exist. The present moment is the only moment that exists.

Once we have entered the present moment, we see how to use guided imagery to “become” our future selves (future pacing)

Finally, we will see how our affirmations from this future self can transform our present reality and overcome negative algorithms, behaviors, and reactions.

This program contains two meditations and a variety of affirmations for different purposes, such as increasing self-confidence, diminishing anxiety, tapping into our spiritual resources, etc.

“My 50 years of experience as a physician studying the holistic approach to medicine and healing, have convinced me that our medical system is not focused on healing our bodies, minds, emotions, and behaviors. Instead, its primary focus is to charge the highest possible prices for delivering symptomatic relief. (Note: I am speaking of the system, not the doctors). Its goal is to treat the symptoms of our illnesses, not the source of our illnesses.” ― Emmett Miller, MD 

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