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09-20-23 Trust that Jesus Will Carry Me – Pray, Listen and follow with David Hoffmeister

In this talk, David is going deep into the topic of prayer. Let’s call it a new lifestyle of PRAY, LISTEN, and FOLLOW. In the past, we were trying to be educated and learn about the world. We learned how to analyze, compare, and do things based on past learning so we can survive as a person and a body and, hopefully, grow old and eventually die. Work hard, grow old, get sick, and die. But, hmm. Maybe there’s more than that. Maybe there’s more. Perhaps we had it all wrong. Maybe we were in a fantasy land trying to make the best of this world. You know, try to be a decent person and then try to make it into old age and then yeah, and then succumb to death like everyone else. Maybe we had it wrong. There may be a higher calling for us than such trivial pursuits.

Enjoy the profound commentary on the movie “‘The Girl Who Believes in Miracles” by David Hoffmeister.

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