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Ethical Markets share: Dr. Hazel Henderson, CEO ©2019

“Ethical Markets recommends all this good news and good sense from Joel Makower, an esteemed member of our global Judges Panel for our EthicMark® Awards for Communications Uplifting the Human Spirit & Society  (see full list and past winners at

Our Green Transition Scoreboard reports agree with the need for massive reforestation, as well as expanding the human food system now perilously teetering on the planet’s dwindling 3% of fresh water, by investing more in all the nutritious plants that thrive on saltwater, without pesticides or fertilizers on the planet’s 40% of unused degraded, desert lands AND capture CO2 from the air with their deep roots AND provide better human nutrition!! (free downloads from ) and watch our TV program now playing “Investing in Saltwater Agriculture: The Next Big Thing“ with NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell .
~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

Trees, please

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