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11-02-21 Title: Strength

Do you believe in miracles? Kat Kanavos interviews 3 Miracle authors who found their inner Strength resulting in a Miracle in the Sacred Stories Series Books-Mayhem to Miracles: Transformational Stories of Hope…

Yes! Miracles are Real! And the book Mayhem to Miracles: Sacred Stories of Transformational Hope proves it. Grab your box of tissues and join us as we cry, cringe, and laugh our way through the real-life stories of everyday miracles. Like Hope, Strength is also a shining beacon that can change the course of illness, the future, love, and our lives. Miracles go hand-in-hand with Strength. Experience modern-day miracles as thirty inspiring individuals move through the mayhem of physical challenges, abusive relationships, addictions, lost and found love, and more into their Miracle.

When Barbara Bertucci (aka BB) is diagnosed with breast cancer, her great awakening begins to change her world for the better. Quote: “A miracle is what happens when you wake up one day, and you are there, and you don’t recall all the necessary steps it took to get you there.”

In her search for sobriety, Dr. Anne Worth finds God. Quote: As I exited the treatment center, a sign on the inside wall declared: “You are a miracle.”

A devastating medicine combination leaves Rev. Sandra Kitt in a medical coma. When she regains consciousness, she can only blink and move her pinky finger. Today she is a recovered and active Rev. at St. Petersburg Unity Church. Quote:“My biggest learned lesson is that there is always hope, no matter how bad the circumstances. I could not always see people’s challenges, so I learned to be kind to everyone and grateful for everything.”

Guest Bios:

Barbara A. Bertucci (aka BB) is an intuitive healer, wellness consultant, and an animal life rights advocate. www.ForeverYoungSolutions.

Dr. Anne Worth is a Christian author, speaker, counselor, and workshop leader. She has a heart for animals and people, especially those in need of fostering. Anne serves the homeless and refugee communities in Dallas,Texas. Her mission is to “champion the forgotten.”

Rev. Sandra Kitt– is an author, Ret. Major in the United States Army, Teacher, Counselor, and currently part of the First Unity Ministry team in St. Petersburg, Florida, Committed to helping people thrive.

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