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Your Dreams Rachel Love12-06-22 Dreams Unmasked- There Are No Bad Dreams

There are no bad dreams! Nightmares are gifts in disguise. This show is filled with dreams from listeners like you. We will interpret YOUR Dreams and use Producer Rev. Rachel Love’s Dream Cards from the Mystical World for Dream-validation.

Your Dreams can mask important messages. I held a workshop titled Dreams Unmasked during my 3rd First Unity’s Mystical Spirit Express Retreat (Nov. 5th 2020). During the retreat, participants chose a mask from my Mask Collection to help them Unmask their Dreams and embrace their Inner Message and Meaning. I will use this same technique on the show tonight. And I have received so many emails from show listeners and social media followers concerning their dreams filled with signs, symbols, numbers, and animals. During the show, show producer Rev. Rachel Love and I will delve into your dreams and nightmares to unmask their meanings to find your message, for guidance.

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