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02-06-18  The Thoreau Whisperer  – Channeling the Spirit of Henry David Thoreau.  A True Story by author Cathryn McIntyre

“Truth strikes us from behind and in the dark, as well as from before and in broad daylight.”
Henry David Thoreau, Journal, November 5, 1837.

After an encounter with her mentor, an eminent Thoreau scholar, eleven days after his death, in The Thoreau Whisperer, Cathryn McIntyre finds she must hone her psychic abilities, set her doubts aside and accept the role she was destined to play in a remarkable collaboration that allows the words of Henry David Thoreau to be heard once again in our time

Cathryn McIntyre is a writer and independent researcher who has studied the life and work of writer, Henry David Thoreau, and the literary history of Concord, Massachusetts for over 25 years, both in university settings and independently.  She has a B.A. in English from Michigan State University and has done graduate work at both Harvard University Extension and Leslie University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  She is also a natural psychic (with a gift for connecting to those in spirit); an astrologer; an occasional ghost investigator; and an avid genealogist with ancestral ties to the Mayflower; to England’s King Edward IV; and to transcendentalist writers, Margaret Fuller and Henry David Thoreau.

Cathryn McIntyre is the author of the soon to be released, The Thoreau Whisperer (2018), and of Honor in Concord: Seeking Spirit in Literary Concord (2008)
Twitter @CathrynMcIntyre

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