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02-06-15  Topic: The New IQ~ A Conversation with Dr. David Gruder

There are 5 foundational formulas for creating the life you want and the world we need. Do you know what they are? Society has swallowed five huge lies in place of these formulas. Can you name each lie? Are the formulas YOU’RE using helping you create the life you want AND the world we need? Or are you being hijacked without knowing it, by the false substitutes that are relentlessly pitched to all of us day after day?

In this highly enlightening conversation, Dr. Miller and Dr. Gruder will explore the answers to these questions and more. The result is a very practical way to understand what is happening to us all, and why our culture is sinking beneath the waves.

Dr. David S. Gruder, PhD, DCEP, has been hailed by Radio & Television Interview Reports as America’s Integrity Expert: the clinical and organizational psychologist who is today’s preeminent thought leader on practical ways to bring integrity back into daily life, relationships, business, politics, the media, education, and religion. As Integrity Revolution’s CEO & Founder, he passionately embodies its mission statement (described above) through writing, keynotes, training, mentoring, and media interviews on various aspects of integrity-centered living, working, loving and serving. An international speaker, trainer and TheraCoach for over three decades, Dr. Gruder has also given hundreds of interviews on many radio talk shows throughout North America and is a recurring guest for many of them. Dr. Gruder’s masters and doctorate are in clinical psychology with a secondary emphasis in organizational development and conflict resolution. His bachelor degree was in psychology and music, magna cum laude. He is also an ordained interfaith clergy and spiritual director.

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