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01-24-24 The Lure Promise of the Special Relationship

In January, David launched a new movie workshop series that will take place every other Saturday within the Tribe of Christ community. His first commentary features the 1989 film “Always” directed by Steven Spielberg. David delves into the themes of ego, special love relationships, and the pursuit of love and happiness. He emphasizes that seeking love in external objects or relationships will ultimately lead to disappointment and guilt. He reads quotes from A Course in Miracles and includes a quote and insights from spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle’s wife, Kim Eng. The talk highlights the importance of releasing guilt and embracing perfect faith in oneself and in relationships. The story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery is recounted, emphasizing the concept of Christ as pure innocence and eternal love. David delves into the nature of Christ, the body, and the ego, and the idea that the world is a projection and a hallucination. He discusses the fear of loss in relationships and the ego’s attempt to join heaven through special relationships. He emphasizes that love is of God and that seeking happiness and love outside of oneself is futile.

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