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03-13-19 The Guide Within

In this weeks show David is joined by Jason Warwick and Michael Caruana as they explore the topic of being under Christ control

There is a power greater than what we know at work which is caring, loving and kind. We can call it a higher power, our true Self, God, whatever you want to call it it does not matter. Deep down inside all of us we know this to be true, this is what we want to return to. Being clueless, cared for and carefree. In order to do this, we must look at our minds and take back all of our projections of what we think we know about ourselves, others and the universe. We must let go of the roles we think we play such as Mother, Father, Son and Daughter and really align with our true authentic nature. We can achieve this through guidance; inner listening to what is most helpful for everyone and everything. We are learning that we don’t always know best but there is something that does. We can call it the Spirit of who we are. In this week’s show, we take a look at being lead gently into heights of happiness by the One that knows.

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