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The Goslings Learn to ListenThe adventure continues on Little Puddle Pond!
Nellie and Willie stopped their silly goose squabbling, fell head over tails in love, and became a family. To their delight, the following Spring goslings Glossie and Flossie were born!

Big brother Glossie is full of energy and get-up-and-go; however, he tends to gloss over the rules, acts impulsively, and often lands in trouble. Mother Nellie and Father Willie wonder if he has a haywire GPS or Goose-Pause-Setting? While little sister Flossie follows her big brother Glossie everywhere and pays no heed to her GPS either.

One day, Lucy the goose-sitter hatches a wild goose plan to keep Glossie and Flossie out of trouble. Her plan backfires and a scary situation unfolds when the goslings dash off to a place they’ve been warned not to go. A glum Glossie and a flustered Flossie are dismayed by their willy-nilly behavior. Will Glossie and Flossie ever learn to listen?

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