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The Generation Jar, author Janine Ouellette SullivanThe Generation Jar is a collection of poetry written while enjoying quiet reflection in nature. Thinking about people I have known, and life experiences truly gave me plenty to consider. I wish to share what I have learned with you in the form of poetry.

Being outdoors has always been a wonderful conduit for me to dig deep and reflect on the nature and the nature of my own life.

The Taunton River is a thirty-seven-mile body of water much of which has been named as a wild and scenic river system.

The native America’s lived along this river for more than 11,000 years named it Titicut. Harnessing the tiny bit of native ancestry, I have has played a powerful role in my life and deeply influenced my thinking.

This river has always been a great source of reflection and a wonderful place to ask questions of life. I have spent countless hours exploring Titicut and am quite delighted to refer to myself as the Cove Queen, Poet of Titicut.

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