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The Chronicles of Bizah, A Student of Truth, author Constance KelloughWhile on a family vacation, Constance Kellough sat down to do some writing. Unexpectedly, a charming, playful, and wise character showed up – Bizah.

The stories of his life with his Master and friends started to flow through her and on to the page. She shared these stories in her meditation teachings, urging the participants when they listened to them to do so mindfully. They loved Bizah and quickly learned the lessons he had to teach them. In time, it became clear the world needed to meet him too.

Please enjoy this collection of fables in the silence of meditation, aloud in gatherings, before or after yoga, or while wrapped in a blanket at bedtime.

Let Bizah remind you of your own innate truth, of the innocence, wisdom, and goodness that exists inside all of us.

When puzzled about what to do in a particular situation, just ask yourself, What would Bizah do?

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