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Tessie's Tears: Grampy Goes to Heaven, author Dr. Anne WorthThis gentle story provides satisfying answers to a young child’s most difficult questions.
Christian teachers, parents, and grandparents will appreciate this book to help young children cope with the difficult issue of death.

With tender words of reassurance, Tessie’s grandmother describes a place of joy, free of sadness and sickness, where God warmly welcomed her beloved Grampy.

When Grammie explains that God wants all His children to live with him one day, Tessie’s tears dry up, and she asks questions about a beautiful place called Heaven.

Dr. Anne Worth is a Christian counselor, speaker, and author of Call Me Worthy. She has a heart for those who are lost and forgotten, including doggies.

Dr. Anne is “Grannie Annie” to six grandchildren and “GG” to two great-granddaughters. As a hobby, she creates Christian art.

This series of books helps young children deal with the difficult issues of loss, whether it is a loved one, a friend, or a pet.

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