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04-18-14   Carolyn Siegel on her Father’s Show Mind Health Matters~Dr. Bernie with Co-Hosts Lionel Ketchian and Deborah Beauvais.

Surviving one of the most painful experience’s of life which you cannot fix~ your child’s life threatening illness with Special Guest Carolyn Siegel

Carolyn will share her committed and inspirational journey with her son Jason, who has a rare metabolic illness, the 2nd most rare illness known. Jason was diagnosed at 7yrs. old, and through dedication, perseverance and due diligence to keep her son alive, Jason is now 16yrs. old. Carolyn is a rare individual. A child with this illness doesn’t usually live beyond toddler age. She will also share their setbacks, triumphs and how she has embraced it all.

Carolyn Siegel has a medical background-medical asst/patient surgical tech. Jason also has an older brother.

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