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If you’ve wondered how to connect with your truth, your heart and soul, Dr. Cynthia is the person for you! She has a focus on Love and assists in balancing your life by teaching how to connect to your personal power. Dr. Cynthia travels to Japan regularly to teach and inspire others, truly serving the world.

HeartLiving with Dr. Cynthia Bischoff is heard every 1st Sunday at 7pmEST with Dreamvisions 7 Radio at 1510am NBC Sports Radio Boston and then heard on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network weekly every Wednesday-Friday 2x daily at 2pm/2amEST-11am/11pmPST. Check Affiliate Schedule for all additional airings.

Show Description:
Experience healing and transformation with Dr. Cynthia L. Bischoff, international speaker, life coach, and energy medicine practitioner of Heart Living. Through coaching tips, healing exercises, inspirational stories, interviews, and exciting research, you will discover life wisdom and gain greater spiritual awareness. Highly intuitive and motivational, Cynthia draws on her vast knowledge and experience in Reiki, Shamanism, Hypnotherapy, Breathwork, Coaching, and Holistic Healing to help you reframe your story and direct your life toward greater balance and meaning!

Dreamvisions 7 Radio at 1510am:
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617-237-1234 or 866-338-9663

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To learn more about Cynthia go to her Bio Page:

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