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Doreen Savaria10-22-21 Spiritual Journeys and Near Death Experiences

Doreen Savaria also known as Dori is by trade, a licensed Esthetician & Lash Technician and owns a small business named Dori’s Skin & Lash Spa.

Dori has always been a believer of God and she started an intense spiritual journey a little over a year ago when her daughter started experiencing a recurring dream the Dori herself experienced.  Dori’s father was a preacher and has always had a strong connection with God and doing his work.  She lived in a very “Connected” and “Spiritual” environment, so she always had an understanding and a knowing of something larger than herself.

Dori is a mother of two daughters, married to her best friend and has been working in the Spa environment for 20 years. Dori is a non-denominal Christian with the purpose of doing God’s work to bring others to that spiritual Connectiveness and universal love that we call “God” or “Creator of all things”.  She is certified is a Certified Reiki Practitioner and she has many “Gifts” that she is ready to share with the world to help mankind heal and evolve.  Dori has the innate ability to connect with the energy of others as well as connecting with their soul and emotions which makes her a very strong empath.  She has recently started doing readings for some of her clients and is on the verge of branching out, to let the world know what she is all about.

Animal loving -People loving -God loving
Business Dori Skin & Lash Spa (860)908-8724

Maricel WitkoMaricel Witko is a mother of two sons, Caiden and Reese, and a wife to her husband Aaron, residing in Griswold CT.  She grew up as the daughter of a Naval Officer, the family was stationed in Japan, California, Hawaii and Pennsylvania.

She gained a lot of insight into human nature through her travels around the world.  Knowing she was “different” from the time she was a small child gave her the confidence and understanding needed, to become a Sensitive or quasi-psychic.  She is Empathic and uses her abilities of Clairaudient and Clairsentient to feel and read the energy around her and others.  Her innate intuitive abilities often warn her of danger or of people she should stay away from.

Maricel has had 2 Near Death Experiences in her lifetime. – Narrowly escaping true death, both times.  She died during a surgery at the age of 7 during an operation.  The 2nd near death experience happened at the age of 10, when she was electrocuted while grabbing a metal Rod over the sink in her home.

She lives a much quieter and (safer) life now, working for the past 15 years as a Massage Therapist at the Mohegan Sun Spa,  and Dori’s Skin & Lash Spa in Uncasville, CT.  She continues her Spiritual Awakening journey through learning of new modalities, meditation and through the enlightened people that she meets on a daily basis, delivering messages and being the kind, gentle soul that she is.

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