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Mike Mooney07-02-21 Pam Patalano Shares Her Own Spiritual Journey with You!

Host, Pam Patalano and Co-Host, Mike Mooney bring you the Awakened Soul Stories Podcast as well as the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network show, Awakened Soul Stories. Pam is an Intuitive Medium and Energy Practitioner

She uses her natural ability to connect with her clients in a spiritual way that allows that messages to be channeled through her. She connects with those that have passed from this world into the next and communicates with them through use of all the senses. Pam is able to see into the past, present & future and utilizes that information to give a thorough and concise reading. Mike is a reflexologist, as well as a small business owner. They have been working side by side since 2012.

Pam and Mike also practice Meditation, Energy Modalities such as Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, & Deeksha Blessing – Pam also offers sessions in Spiritual & Life Counseling. Contact Pam or Mike: 401-533-186

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