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10-13-23 Beyond the Chaos: Finding Serenity and Power in Spiritual Awareness

Amidst the turbulence of the COVID Pandemic, it is understandable how the world’s challenges may have impacted your spiritual well-being. The goal of this presentation is to empower (or re-empower) you to embrace, revive, or awaken your spiritual awareness and energy like never before!

In a world besieged by soulless confrontations, relentless commercials, self-serving politicians, and deceptive crooks driven by greed, it’s easy to lose touch with our true spiritual selves and the profound connection we share with each other and the world we inhabit. But with a little thought, openness, and care, we can rise above these struggles and rediscover the magic that resides within us!

Irrespective of your spiritual path or philosophical beliefs, you are invited to join in this experiential journey to explore the realms beyond the merely intellectual. Get ready to unlock the hidden potential of your higher being, tapping into its boundless power and wisdom through the art of awareness, deep meditation, and transformative guided imagery.

“My 50 years of experience as a physician studying the holistic approach to medicine and healing, have convinced me that our medical system is not focused on healing our bodies, minds, emotions, and behaviors. Instead, its primary focus is to charge the highest possible prices for delivering symptomatic relief. (Note: I am speaking of the system, not the doctors). Its goal is to treat the symptoms of our illnesses, not the source of our illnesses.” ― Emmett Miller, MD 

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