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DrMiller_jack-travis11-27-15   Societal Lies, Spiritual Abuse, And Why Dads Leave – A Conversation With Dr. Jack Travis

Solid relationships and successful marriages are the backbone of a society, yet the rate of divorce continues to be breathtaking. You might think that the arrival of a child would help couples focus their energy, but instead relationships often become even more unstable. The reasons behind these tragedies are important to understand, since they are symptoms of a troubling phenomenon that is an issue for all of us. Jack Travis has made this a focus of his work and has co-authored a book on the subject.

In his groundbreaking work in the 1970’s Jack revealed his clear thinking in his pointing out to our culture the notion that simply relieving the symptoms of disease is not enough, that there is a destination beyond merely being “symptom free,” that of high level wellness. The founder of the world’s first wellness center, and the author of the ever-popular Wellness Workbook, Dr. Travis a physician who has also earned a Masters degree in Public Health, and is one of the great myth-busters of our time. In this provocative show, we look at some of the fundamental flaws in our culture, how our society fails to teach us adequate relationship skills, and how it teaches us, instead, to accept extraordinary violence to our kids, and then abandon them.

One of the areas we will discuss is the practice of circumcision, a practice we have been taught to take for granted, but one that, in many studies, has been shown to result in trauma, poor relationships, and the lack of sexual sensitivity. We’ll also look at the typical ways that both men and women are abused in our society as children, and how this leads to the breakup in our relationships, actually those that tend to occur during pregnancy and during the first years of the life of the child. This is the time when relationships tend to fail.

His (and many others’) personal experience with this issue, which he named Male Postpartum Abandonment Syndrome is described in  the book  Why Dads Leave , Insights & Resources for When Partners Become Parents, by Meryn Callander.  What their careful study of the topic has revealed is very interesting, and shines a clear light on some things that are important in all of our lives. Join us for this provocative exploration.

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