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12-16-16   Smile For Hope – An Arab Woman’s Compassionate Initiative : A Conversation with Zeina Abdo

On my recent journey to Dubai, I had the fortune of coming across a truly beautiful, inspiring – even electrifying woman. When I discovered Zeina Abdo had been the first Arab woman to reach the summit of Imja Tse Island Peak 20305ft (4 miles) high in an effort to raise funds for pediatric cancer patients in Nepal, I knew I wanted to have a conversation and learn more about her.

One of the most difficult lessons was that people find it hard to see the truth – they spend most of their time making themselves unhappy and making others unhappy – but blame it on the world. The truth is that we do have the power to change our world, to take care of those who are needy, to find personal happiness. It is a happy day in your life, indeed, and to find our personal mission.

In spite of the abuse and the pain in her own life, Zeina saw there was a greater need – and out of nowhere, decided to create a special program for the truly poor. In this conversation I ask what it is that empowers her to do what she does in spite of the risks and resistances. I think you will find that she is one of those who is fully in the process of awakening to her potential and that she can serve as an inspiration to us all.

Listen to her story, hear her with your heart, see the work she is doing on a shoestring ( ), and give her a little help ( ).

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