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Shining a Light on Grief Volume 2 author Susan LatailleShining a Light on Grief, Volume Two brings you the stories of ten courageous women who share their vulnerable stories of love and loss, how their loss changed their lives, and how they learned to “live” despite their loss. Their intent is that their stories offer hope and inspiration to the reader.

Diane Caine shares in her foreword, “As one of the authors in volume one of Shining a Light on Grief, I am acutely aware of the pain you are in, how lonely it can feel, and how frustrating it can be to learn to live your life forward without your loved one. Grieving is hard, it’s messy, and there is no right or wrong way to learn to live with it. Yes, learn to live with grief.”

In these stories, you’ll discover:

  • Inspiration to take action
  • Each story of grief is unique
  • There’s no right or wrong way to grieve
  • Feeling your emotions begins the healing process
  • Self care is of utmost importance
  • How a dark subject is brought into the light

These heartfelt stories are written from the authentic heart with many details of their journey. Susan Lataille’s first book, Shining a Light on Grief, Volume One, was published in July 2022 with eleven unique stories. Everyone’s story is important to share as this anthology series continues to grow.

Praise for Shining a Light on Grief, Volume One:

“After losing my husband to COVID-19 two years ago, I was unsure if I was ready to read Shining a Light on Grief. My fear was that it would dig up feelings I have tried so hard to bury. While several of the stories did cause me pain, they also offered an abundance of hope. The chapters were well written and each held a very personal account of a journey through the process of grieving. The book left me in a better place―more hopeful, more insightful and more enlightened.” ―DP, Narragansett, RI

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