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Awakened Soul Stories Debbee Radcliff12-10-21 Awakened Soul Story~ Shaman Debbee Radcliff

Debbee and I met about 12 years ago at several Holistic and Spiritual events and we have traveled in the same circles since then. I have admired her work and the live sessions she offers on her social media page are simply wonderful. I believe that she is a true healer in every sense of the word and uses her healing gifts to help mankind heal and awaken! I hope you enjoy this interview with Debbee.

Debbee Radcliff, M.Ed., RMT, is a Shaman Practitioner, a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Level Instructor, Aromatherapist, Akashic Record Practitioner, and is the owner of Creatigo, LLC.

Debbee has a Master’s in Education, B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies, and certified Special Educator K-12. She has taught children of all ages and skill levels throughout her career from PreK through high school. She enjoys collaborating with children, parents, and teachers.

Creatigo is a different Holistic Center, where traditional education and holistic practices come together to support individuals to discovery, wellness, and connection in all areas of their lives. Creatigo celebrates play and creativity as tools to open the mind and heart to wisdom and information, helping people to see non-linear possibilities so they can create their best life as they go; thus, the name “Create I go.” Creatigo offers individual sessions, group sessions, and a variety of classes in person or virtual. Individual and Group Sessions include Positive Discipline Parenting sessions, Creatigo Healing Method™ and Reading Sessions, Dream Circles, Touch Drawing, Integrated Energy Therapy™ (IET), Reiki, and Shamanic/spiritual counseling sessions. Creatigo continues to develop new programs and will be offering children and young adult groups in the new year. One example of Creatigo’s practices in action is our parent coaching and groups, applying the principles of Positive Discipline through interactive experiences. Parents are empowered to make changes in their parenting skills. They create a home where they use long-term parenting skills that encourage their children to think for themselves, become more responsible, and have greater respect for themselves and others. The teachings of Positive Discipline are filled with non-punitive and non-permissive methods that will build relationships and keep the lines of communication open. Parents leave with tangible, practical tips and tools that are easy to implement and work right away.

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