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Goddess Unleashed with Diane Vich01-30-20 Sensory Overload, Sensory Issues and Developmental Delays

Today’s episode discusses Sensory Overload, Sensory issues and Developmental Delays.  When we think of sensory issues most people assume only children with autism experience this phenomenon.  But actually many people experience sensory overload.  Some common conditions that are known to experience sensory overload are anxiety, depression, PTSD, Autism, ADHD, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome.  But many people without a diagnosis can experience a sense of overwhelm during experiences that impact all 5 senses at once.  Sensory overload occurs when the body receives input from all 5 senses at once.  There is so much input that the brain is not able to process it all.  The senses involved are sight, sound, taste, smell and touch (feel).  Everyone is unique and their experiences need to be treated the same way.  Some people experience irritability, mood changes, exhaustion or issues with concentration or focus.  But there are many other symptoms related to sensory overload.  It is important for parents to begin to identify their own sensory triggers first to truly support their child’s experience.  When we become more aware of our own bodies and develop a supportive routine for ourselves then our children reap the benefits.  In this episode I share a short children’s story with a meditation.  I created this story to help my own son with sensory overload and anxiety.  I also share some strategies and techniques to relax the body and calm the mind.  It is also important to plan and be prepared before events.  If you or your child often experience sensory overload there are ways to reduce its impact on the body.  Remember stress causes inflammation and progressively accumulates creating illness and disease in the body.  So a supportive self-love routine is important to reduce the impact of stress on the body.

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