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Diane Vich10-01-20 Self-Love and Reflection

Diane spreads her love for self-love to unveil the magic hiding within us.  She reads Chapter 11 on this episode: Self-Love and Reflection.  She takes us into a journey of evolution to overcome our self-limiting beliefs, negative patterns and self-sabotaging behavior by nurturing ourselves daily.  She uses these same techniques to empower her Clients to overcome chronic illness, self-limiting beliefs and trauma using her Unleashed Technique.  She shares a powerful story about Elizabeth was a gorgeous woman tormented by physical and emotional abuse from her childhood that manifested symptoms in her body.  Elizabeth was plagued by chronic pain, severe digestive and gynecological issues but her evolution released her from the entrapment of her body.  Through her self-love journey she transformed those negative subconscious thoughts and  unraveled the years of damage to her self-esteem.  Diane guides us into 3 self-love scenarios to show that the journey of self-discovery fluctuates through our stressful life situations but when we return to that love we can find the beauty within the chaos. Self-love ecstasy is the perfect self-love day when you have plenty of time to honor your inner child, nurture your mind and treat your body right.  Self-love on a rainy day is about finding the time amidst the chaos to squeeze short decompressing strategies to find that calm within.  And self-love on a bumpy day is the day that everything goes wrong but you feel good because you honored yourself in brief moments of alone time to rebalance your mood. Diane also shares a little recap of yoni healing by using a Yoni egg during self-loving practices to release inflammation, stress and emotions from the body.  In the second half she plays a piece of the Grief hypnosis she created.  The beautiful meditation is a visualization about letting go and releasing negative emotions.  Listen to the Full Grief Hypnosis on You-tube.  Remember to join Unleash Your Inner Strength for Weekly Inspiration to Thrive through Stressful Situations.

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