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Look for the Good Carrie Rowan01-22-24 Discover the Secrets to Lifelong Wellness with Yonni Wattenmaker

SHOW SUMMARY: Get ready for a life-changing episode of “Look for the Good” this Monday, 1/22/24, at 5 am and 5 pm! Episode 51 is not just a podcast; it’s a journey into the heart of wellness and community. Ever wondered how the stories we tell ourselves about eating and nutrition shape our lives? Are you curious about the transformative power of food and community in creating deeper connections and promoting longevity? Then you can’t afford to miss this riveting episode!

Join us as we dive deep with the charismatic Health & Nutrition Coach, Yonni Wattenmaker. Yonni isn’t just a coach; she’s a wellspring of wisdom, an inspiration, and the Executive Director of the national charity, Breast Cancer Alliance. Her insights on nourishing not just your body, but also your mind and soul, are groundbreaking. Yonni’s passion for saving and improving lives shines through in her unique approach to health and wellness.

This episode is packed with revelations and practical tips that will revolutionize your approach to health. Discover how being part of a community and doing what you love are crucial for a long, fulfilling life. Yonni will unveil secrets on adopting a mindset that not only helps you live longer but also enhances the quality of your life, allowing you to craft a more empowering narrative about yourself and the life you aspire to lead.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Tune in on Monday at 5 am or 5 pm for an episode that promises to be enlightening, empowering, and utterly unmissable. “Look for the Good” is about to change the way you think about health, community, and the power of your own story. Are you ready to be blown away?

Yonni WattenmakerBIO: Yonni Wattenmaker is a certified health coach and founder of Yonni Nutrition + Wellness and its online platform, Yon Appetit. She is also Executive Director of the national breast cancer charity, Breast Cancer Alliance.

Yonni has always had a passion for helping others, moved by her “glass half full” approach to life and its challenges. After nearly two decades in education, she pivoted at the age of 39 to better allow her to spend time with her son while working as a force for good. It was always important for her to have a career that could be a model and support to others. At Breast Cancer Alliance, Yonni has grown the foundation to make national impact, saving lives and fueling new treatments, surgeons and supporting those most in need – the under- and un-insured.

As a health coach, Yonni helps her clients see that there is not one size fits all approach to health, but leads from a plant-forward strategy, informed by both her education and her many years of work in the cancer world. She is currently working on a book to help others embrace a plant-based way of life, while learning about its health benefits along the way.

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