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Empowered Living with Brenda Pearce09-13-21 Sue London Pet Intuitive Messenger and Bob Tucker Creative Harmonic Solutions Using Scalar Energy

First up…  Sue London, Pet Intuitive Messenger joins Brenda for a lively and informative segment.  If you love your pets, then you will love learning about how Sue gives voice to pets, both living and beyond, expressing their love, and their interpretations of life through their experience.  Sue gives service through her amazing and astonishing readings.  Sue shares how her gift came to her. She shares a very special reading that she gifted Brenda with from her dog Daisy.   Learn more about Sue, her books and her intuitive readings by visiting

The second segment of Empowered Living features the work of Bob Tucker.  He is helping the world through his work he offers through his Creative Harmonic Solutions.  Using Scalar Energy, he can clear many issues and blocks to wellness.This episode explores a recent session that Brenda also experienced of this cutting edge technology.  Learn more about Bob and his work by visiting Creative Harmonic Solutions|Bring your body into harmony

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