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04-19-23 “Rise Into Joy” Easter Talk by David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu 

It’s Holy Week and Good Friday, and David and Frances open the Heart of Christ Easter Retreat by emphasizing the importance of focusing on the correction of error and not the error itself. They discuss a prayer they wrote, expressing humility and a desire to receive guidance from a higher power. They reflect on passages from A Course in Miracles and the theme of seeing everyone as one with Christ.

Next, they use analogies such as a caged pet bird and the sleeping Son of God to describe the profound amnesia we all have and the world’s perception as a belief in death caused by the ego.

Finally, they discuss how our perception of problems is not the issue but rather the filter through which we view these problems that cloud our thinking, touching upon the importance of changing our mindset regarding death in this Good Friday session.

You can watch the beginning of the session on YouTube.

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