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07-21-12  Rev. Dr. Linda De Coff, Author of Bridge Of The Gods~A Handbook for Ascending Humanity

How you may help civilization go the next step in Divine Evolution, and thereby assist in bringing forth greater good for every nation on earth. Learn how you may bring to fruition your every long held aspiration and vision for good, through the awesome Resurrection Principle, already within you! Uncover the sacred power of Divine Mind and how to most effectively use for the most immediate and 100% effective healing of absolutely every condition…whether of a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual nature. When Universal Mind, the creator of all your outer conditions, is used aright, it becomes your greatest ally and friend. Thus, the very same mind that heretofore may have bound you, can now set you completely free!

Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff is the founder and head minister of New Thought International, Inc.and the New Thought Institute of New York. As a Religious Science International practitioner and certified ministerial graduate, De Coff received her doctorate of divinity at the United Nations 50th anniversary celebration. She has authored several books, including Divine Prosperity: Secrets to the Kingdom, Living the Miracle Consciousness and Songs of Eternity: Contemplations, Meditation’s, & Treatments on the Word of God! In her “other life,” De Coff made her debut as as a noteworthy Broadway, TV and film actress in leading roles, working alongside the like of Rex Harrison, Christopher Lloyd and Danny DeVito. For more information on Bridge of the Gods, please visit or

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