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Titus Rivas05-23-22 Titus Rivas Discusses Reincarnation as a Scientific Concept

We all incarnate many times as we learn and grow spiritually, and a few good researchers are leading the way in helping us to understand how it all works. One such expert is Titus Rivas, a meticulous Dutch reincarnation researcher in the mold of the extraordinary Dr. Ian Stevenson, late of the University of Virginia.

Titus’s book, co-authored with Indian researcher Dr. K.S. Rawat and out just this year, is called Reincarnation as a Scientific Concept. And it’s so badly needed!

Titus has been researching reincarnation for decades, and he and Dr. Rawat have compiled a great and very readable summary of the state of play among disciplined researchers in the field of reincarnation. The scholarship in this field until now has been narrow, although it has been deep, with Dr. Stevenson leading the way.

Titus Rivas and Dr. Rawat now seek to change that, and to make the truth of reincarnation more comfortable to Westerners.

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