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01-04-21 Redefining Wildlife and Conservation Outreach

Guest: Mary Gannon, Wildlife Outreach Coordinator for the Division of Fish and Wildlife

In claiming land and water resources for our own use, humanity has engendered the fragmentation of grassland, forest and river habitat throughout Southern New England and beyond. There are many gaps created by pavement, commercial infrastructure, fencing and dams. Animals must cross roads and navigate areas of commercial development to find food, water and shelter. New England’s wildlife populations are precious and must be managed wisely, sustainably and with care for future generations. Wildlife sustainability begins with education. This episode begins with story walking in search of local wildlife.

Mary GannonThe featured guest is Mary Gannon, Wildlife Outreach Coordinator for the Division of Fish and Wildlife at the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management. She shares her story and an abundance of outreach material (see links below). Outreach is about engaging the general public in the world of science. It combines education, communication and policy. It can take many forms, from developing online curriculum material and training teachers to posting videos and hosting public events. Outreach seeks to increase public understanding of specific issues, which can lead to more informed choices. Gannon is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island where she studied wildlife biology, and she earned her Master of Arts in Teaching at Brown University.


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