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12-28-22 Reborn in the Light of Christ – Trust That All Is Taken Care Of with David Hoffmeister

Trust that all is taken care of means no more need to plan and scheme. Your need for learning ends when you realize that all is taken care of. The ego has taught us fear. It tricked us into believing that we’re frail and are at the mercy of time and space and all the laws of this world. But imagine if you were carefree and didn’t have any attachments, and it didn’t matter what was happening because all was taken care of, regardless of circumstances or situations! That would be like being reborn in the light of Christ by having an abiding, strong trust that all is taken care of. Enjoy David Hoffmeister’s introduction to the movie “Man of God” in this monthly Tabula Rasa weekend online retreat with the topic ‘Reborn in the Light of Christ.’

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Recorded on December 3, 2022, at La Casa Quantico, Chapala, Mexico.

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