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05-04-22 Putting The Peace of God First with David Hoffmeister

David talk’s about putting the Peace of God First and how to see the sameness of all hypotheticals and the nothingness of all form outcomes.

See the lesson of “Let All Things Be Exactly As They Are”  along with the movie “No Men Beyond This Point” (Amazon Prime) to help you do so!

A hypothetical is simply something occurring as if it’s real or as if it’s happening. It could be described as anything that seems real but actually is not occurring. It’s a perceptual hallucination. And looking at the Course, Jesus teaches us that your perception of linear time is simply a reflection in the mind as if the separation had occurred. If separation from God were real, then the perception of linear time would be the outcome. So, according to Jesus, linear time is a hypothetical, AS IF the separation has occurred.

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