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The Story Walking Radio Hour with Wendy Fachon

05-31-15 Plants as Medicine Guest: Mary Blue, Community Herbalist, Farmacy Herbs

Meet the Wendy Girl that leads and cares for the children. Do you believe in fairies? As a parent, storyteller and environmental educator, Wendy shares her wild experiences, mystical stories and insights into nature’s healing magic.

After Wendy shares a story about dandelions and fairies, she will introduce special guest is Mary Blue, community herbalist, educator and founder of Farmacy Herbs in Providence, RI. Mary will tell her own story about how she became interested in medicinal plants when she was a teenager. She will talk about what it means to be an herbalist, how to pursue herbal studies and why she values common weeds like the dandelion.

Wendy Fachon is a Master Storywalker and Netwalker. She presents afterschool learning adventures for Child Opportunity Zone (COZ) programs around Rhode Island. She combines walking and storytelling into a light-spirited approach to teaching physical fitness, creative expression, and environmental stewardship. She is a regular contributor to the Rhode Island edition of Natural Awakenings Magazine, and she offers her audio CD, Fiddlesticks: Nature and Nonsense, and her storybook The Angel Heart for sale through the website.

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