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08-14-19 Perfect Happiness

Perfect happiness is our natural state of being, it is our inheritance. The whole universe is calling to us to be happy and all we have to do is listen to that stillness within that knows that this is true. We all feel on some level that happiness is what I want and that I should be. The call in our heart is so strong and the connection to perfect happiness has never left us. Our way now is simply to remember what is true.

The ego does have another plan, it creates all these seeming decisions in the world that could potentially make us happy, a new job, house, relationship, location more money and so on but really we know that this is just fleeting happiness. The real gold is inside of us waiting to burst free. If we continue to look for that happiness within then that is what we will find, in doing so we find our Self.

In this talk David refers to the Rules for Decision in A Course in Miracles the talk also begins with a song from Svava called Beautiful Day.

Rules for Decision
Svava Divine Essence

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