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Empowered Living with Brenda Pearce10-04-21 PEMF Therapy with Allie Ochs and Relationship Coach Jonathon Aslay

Welcome to another truly inspired and empowered episode of Empowered Living with Brenda Pearce. This episode features 2 amazing guests bringing you media that matters to empower you with information worth sharing

First up features Allie Ochs, President of Swiss Bionics Solutions Canada. Brenda and Allie discuss PEMF therapy… If you have not heard of this breakthrough technology that was developed by NASA using Tesla technology to bring earth-based frequency to help people experience better wellness and well-being. Come and learn more during this informative conversation. If you wish to learn more, please contact Brenda directly and visit www.pemfconsultant  for more information.

The 2nd half features America’s relationship coach, Jonathon Aslay. Truly a renaissance man, Jonathon is known for helping women to better understand men, from a man who wants to truly help relationship success. Jonathon also shares his story of his loss of his son Conor, and the role of heartfelt love in the face of devastating pain. Jonathon is one of the contributors to the upcoming release of the Secret Child – Life After Loss book and will be shortly going to press. Stay tuned for more details as we go to press soon. For more information about the book, please visit To learn more about Jonathon and his work, please visit

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