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Goddess Unleashed with Diane Vich03-19-20 Pelvic Health, Pain, Symptoms and Wellness 

Diane presents an interesting insight on pelvic health, pain, symptoms and wellness.  She explains the common issues women face.  A synergistic program helps toxins drain from the body.  She gives tips to reduce stress and tension.  Toxin build up causes pain, tenderness and inflammation. Using high quality supplements helps detoxify the body and target the physical root of your symptoms.  Tips to enhance lymphatic drainage using a synergistic program that improves pelvic health.  Orgasms to reduce pain, stress and tension throughout the body.  Tension builds in our bodies do to repetitive use.  Diane teaches her clients how to use stretching to tap into their pain and pleasure sensors.  She talks briefly about her first, big orgasm after eating chocolate. Read.. Chocolate Orgasm here.  Benefits of orgasms are amazing.  Thrive in your body with better sleep, reduce stress, reduce pain, reduce headaches, better self-esteem, productivity and creativity.  Yep, that’s right the more orgasms you have the more creative and productive you become.  She shares some interesting stories and insights into healing the body through climactic stretch and holistic health practices.

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