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OTR is an Integrative Medicine Health Practitioner.  Her background and training include Occupational Therapy, Reiki, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Clinical Aromatherapy, acupressure, comfort touch, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Guided Imagery & Visualization, Breathe Work, Sound Healing, Health & Wellness Counseling, Spiritual & Intuitive Counseling, Prayer & Healing Circles and Angel Guidance.  She is also a Non-Denominational Ordained Minister.

Her Mission is to bring about a new paradigm to shift the way individuals and society view, understand and engage in wellness and healing both from a personal and a global perspective.  Her focus is bridging Body-Mind-Spirit by integrating traditional and complimentary alternative medicine techniques to support and manifest wholeness in physical-psychological-emotional and spiritual health to serve the individual and humanity at large.  Her service also includes assisting others to awaken to soul consciousness and support them in their soul journey of awakening, consciousness, acceptance, re-integration, and service. or 973-366-8765.  Divine Alchemy…Transforming the Darkness of your Shadows so as to experience your life from the Light of your Divine Soul.

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