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Sheena Eizmendiz12-12-19 Obstacles & Challenges

Sheena’s diverse and comprehensive background is what sets her apart and provides a solid foundation in all that she does. Bestselling author of “Path of Emergence: From Loss to Triumph,” and published author of “Master Guide of Hypnotic Scripts: Hypnosis Made Easy,” Sheena is a national corporate trainer and keynote speaker on the topics of emotional intelligence, stress, leadership, and positive psychology. Sheena also specializes in working with top Fortune 500 companies by providing each employee with a personalized solution. She helps individuals stay free of personal distractions and remain more focused on the job through her corporate wellness trainings.

Episode 2: Diane interviews Sheena her mentor and Hypnosis instructor.  They discuss the connection between physical and emotional pain in the journey to alternative healthcare. And the impact of trauma on adult life. Diane interviews Sheena about her experience in prison and the interesting challenges she and others faced.  The prison conversation brought to light an interesting phenomena that both have seen in clients.  They both have seen many clients and people in their lives that feel trapped inside their bodies.  Our bodies can make us feel trapped like a prison.  They discuss challenges and obstacles in the path to personal development.  It is an eye-opening episode into the potential of using hypnosis to release trauma and pain from the body.

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