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12-31-20 Global Healing Series: New Year with Cheer

Diane brings us inspiration for finding joy and cheer in 2021.  She shares some inspiration to shift our 2021 with positivity.  Diane shares the rule of 5 with a few fun strategies to empower us to change those relationships that bring us stress.  This unique episode takes us through some fun strategies to shift the way we feel throughout our day.  She also guides us into shifting a difficult phone call with Negative Nancy.  Diane invites you to try these strategies with a person that you love but makes you feel sad often.  The three strategies for the call are: 5 wins, 5 compliments and 5 goals.  Listen to this episode for some uplifting positivity to empower you to live in the moment and find your joy.  Watch this funny episode on video by joining Unleash Your Inner Strength. Help Diane support children facing hardships with her mood boxes.  Diane reminds us to find the beauty, fun and inspiration around us in our daily routine. Let’s start 2021 with a positive outlook and joyful experiences.

The Rule of 5:

  1. Love always
  2. Laugh often
  3. Live with gratitude
  4. Kick your shoes off and Dance the stress away
  5. Breathe deeply to ground yourself.

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