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04-10-19 Never Have a Bad Day Again

Everything in form can be used for awakening because we are always in the perfect place at the perfect time for healing, we just have to be open to be guided. Over the years David has been nicknamed the ‘Tech Mystic’ because he has used tech to aid his awakening. This was something he was not interested in doing at all personally, but he was shown by the Spirit how it can be used for the greater good. He was given a map called Levels of Mind to help see patterns in the mind, he then received the Instrument for Peace which is a step by step process of getting in touch with beliefs. This has now been turned into a bot called Spiri which you can find on Facebook. As David shares, this was deferentially not his plan but he knew he must be willing and open minded to find his true Self. David also shares in this weeks show about mind training, consciousness, Self Realization and following the Spirits plan.

Here are the links to all the tools that David has created over the years.

Instrument for Peace
Levels of Mind
Spiri Bot

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