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11-15-23 The Nature of Relationships by David Hoffmeister

In this talk, before David shows the movie “Deja Vu,” he clarifies that we need to understand that there aren’t good or bad interpersonal relationships. There is no hierarchy of love. There’s no hierarchy of relationships; there aren’t high spiritual relationships and low spiritual relationships. Love doesn’t have different kinds; there’s only one love, and that’s the love of God, and Christ is an expression of that one love.

Everyone’s here for self-realization. Everyone’s here to remember who you truly are. Everyone who believes they are human beings has a soul-sickness. It’s a longing for God, it’s a longing for Nirvana, it’s a longing for Heaven. It’s a longing to go home. But we are afraid of the light. So, we have tried to answer this soul-sickness by making a substitute for love. We’ve tried to use interpersonal relationships as a substitute. We have searched for love in many faces, but everyone here in this world fears intimacy because they believe in private minds with private thoughts and private persons with private parts solely because we’re afraid of the light.

Enjoy David’s bold descent to the bottom of the rabbit hole. You can watch the whole introduction to the movie here on YouTube:

Or listen to the entire commentary on Spreaker.

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