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11-06-23 Natural Abundance, Gratitude and Healing

Maria Kelly, Founder and Executive Director, AMOR Healing Kitchen

Making wise food choices influences our health, how we feel and how we care for our planet. With gratitude we acknowledge that the simplest of foods require few resources to produce, and they are considered among the healthiest and most abundant – fruits, vegetables, whole-grains and plant-based proteins. Macrobiotic cooking is about drawing inspiration for food preparation from our natural environment, using seasonally-fresh, locally-grown, plant-based whole foods. When we add herbs, spices and a lot of love, we can create meals with complex levels of mouth watering flavor and effective healing power. Imagine, food as medicine!

This episode features AMOR Healing Kitchen, a small non-profit that provides nutritious, plant-based meals, made with love, by teen volunteers, for people facing health challenges – cancer, heart problems, diabetes, autoimmune diseases or neurological conditions. The kitchen sources in-season ingredients from local farms in the Charleston, SC, area, using organic ingredients as much as possible. Every week Teen Chefs and Kitchen Mentors prepare delicious, healthy meals, and each Friday Delivery Angels bring the meals to the kitchen’s clients. AMOR Healing Kitchen empowers teens by teaching them the connection between our food and our health, as well as giving them the tools necessary to carry this knowledge into the kitchen to create nourishing meals.

Maria Kelly, Founder and Executive Director, AMOR Healing KitchenMaria Kelly, Founder and Executive Director, AMOR Healing Kitchen planted the seed of her organization after a 14-year career teaching high school in Charleston County, where there is an abundance of local, organic farms. Her love for plant-based food, local farming, working with teenagers and supporting people challenged with serious illness forms the foundation of AMOR. Maria believes getting back to the earth, for real food will cure us of many chronic illnesses. Food, prepared with love, feeds both the body and the soul.


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