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Look for the Good Carrie Rowan09-04-23 Secrets of a Happily Ever After Story with Monica Tanner


Get Ready for a Relationship Recharge!

Unlock the secrets to your forever love story on the next electrifying episode of “Look for the Good with Mindset Coach Carrie Rowan!”

Mark your calendars! On Monday, 9/4/23, at either 5 AM or 5 PM, prepare to revolutionize your love life.

Episode 30 is an absolute MUST-LISTEN, as we are thrilled to welcome Monica Tanner, the relationship guru and CEO of “Secrets of Happily Ever After.” Why is this episode unmissable?

Monica’s relatable, laugh-out-loud stories offer a fresh perspective on love and commitment. Discover her groundbreaking approach to reducing the global divorce rate—one relationship at a time. Get ready for a game-changing tip on mastering your emotions before navigating your partner’s emotional landscape.

Wait, There’s More!

Learn why “saving” your partner may not be the hero move you thought it was. Equip yourself with essential tools and wisdom to craft YOUR greatest love story ever told.

So, whether you’re in a relationship, looking for one, or just curious—this episode promises eye-opening insights and chuckles to boot!

Catch this love-transforming episode LIVE on Dreamvisions7Radio Network. And hey, if life happens and you can’t tune in, we’ve got you covered. Listen anytime, anywhere, on-demand at

Ready for love that lasts? We thought so. See you there!

Monica TannerBIO:

Monica Tanner, a Relationship Coach and CEO of Secrets of Happily Ever After, helps married couples ditch resentment and roommate syndrome by improving their communication, connection and commitment so they can get busy writing their happily ever after love story. Monica has made it her goal to lower the divorce rate and raise the level of marital satisfaction by encouraging her students and clients to prioritize their most important relationship, their marriage. Using her podcast, Secrets of Happily Ever After, and through her various challenges, programs and private coaching, she has helped thousands of couples resolve conflict, collaborate and rewrite their stories in order to exemplify for their children and grandchildren a blueprint for a healthy, thriving and life-giving marriage relationship. Find out more at:

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