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Money Isn’t Scary with Meghan Dwyer Archives

What Kids Can Teach Us About Money

05-04-21 What Kids Can Teach Us About Money In all the books I've seen about how to teach our kids about money, none of them ever talk about how to handle your big emotions. While kids show emotions in their own ways, adults use coping mechanisms to deal with them,...

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A Conversation with Courtney Podany

04-06-21 A Conversation with Courtney Podany Today, I'm talking with Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Personal Trainer, Courtney Podany. What does nutrition and physical health have to do with money? A lot! Join me as we talk about all about the mindset parallels...

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Instagram Made Me Do It

04-06-21 Instagram Made Me Do It We all spend time scrolling our phones as a way to zone out. Today we talk about how to scroll with intention and the surprising impact scrolling has on our mindsets and finances. Learn more about Meghan here:...

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Why It’s So Hard to Receive

04-06-21 Why It’s So Hard to Receive We're told our whole lives that its better to give than to receive. But if we never actually let ourselves receive, then how can we give from the right place? How does this all factor into our stories and beliefs and how does money...

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03-23-21 "The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet." -Mohadesa Najumi Learn more about Meghan here:

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Being the Breadwinner

03-23-21 Being the Breadwinner Today I share my internal struggle with being the breadwinner in our family and how culture plays a huge role in my story. Learn more about Meghan here:

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Fear of Running Out

03-16-21 Fear of Running Out Today we unpack our fear of running out and explore how prevalent it is in today's culture, even if we're not aware of it. Learn more about Meghan here:

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Exploring FOMO

03-16-21 Exploring FOMO Today we explore our constant Fear of Missing Out and how it affects our relationship with money and our spending habits. Learn more about Meghan here:

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A Conversation with Financial Coach…

03-09-21 A Conversation with Financial Coach… Today I’m putting out a conversation with my first ever guest, Heather Albrecht and I can’t think of a better guest to have. Heather is a solopreneur Money Coach at Balanced Financial Coaching, who is on a mission to take...

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Holiday Shopping

03-02-21 Holiday Shopping Does holiday shopping stress you out as much as it does to me? In today's episode, I dive into what's behind the scenes with our holiday shopping habits/motivations and provide some tips on how to be more intentional with how we want to feel...

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The Target Effect

03-02-21 The Target Effect Today we're talking about my love/hate relationship with Target. If you're anything like me, you can't go into a store without spending way more than planned. In this episode, I discuss my personal experiences with Target and provide some...

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Honoring the Notorious RBG

03-02-21 Honoring the Notorious RBG Today we pay tribute to an amazing woman's legacy. Ruth Bader Ginsburg's contributions have paved the way for women's financial empowerment in America. Join me in honoring a legend by continuing to fight the fight for women's...

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Finding My Voice

 03-02-21 Finding My Voice This first episode is an intro to me and my inspiration for this podcast. I am on a mission to create a world where money doesn't hold women back, where the meaning we give to it doesn't drive our lives. When we use our voices and talk...

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