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11-11-20 Crappy to Happy Series: Misty Tyme and Frank Zaccario

Diane interviews Misty Tyme and Frank Zaccario on this episode of the Crappy to Happy Series.

Misty is a forgiveness, expectations expert and death dula.  She specializes in helping those suffering through loss and grief. She also helps with end of life care.  Diane talks about the grief hypnosis she recently created to help people deal with loss.  They bring inspiration for us to find love and forgiveness during this time of added stress to help us heal.  Misty shares her insight on our expectations and its impact on our life and health.  Diane and Misty both emphasize the importance of forgiveness in true healing. Diane shares her insight on physical symptoms and our emotions.  Misty shares her forgiveness algorithm to help people feel better.  Misty also talks about the impact our belief systems have on our lives during stressful times like this pandemic. They both truly bring inspiration and insight in a time of chaos and overwhelming emotions.  Listen for some supportive insight to help you set boundaries and realistic expectations for healthier relationships. We all have the power within us to calm our mind and heal our bodies.

Frank shares his passion for helping others.  He shares his journey and triumph over obstacles through perseverance and mindset.  He shares insight on many of his books to help inspire us in the journey to find ourselves amidst the chaos life may bring.  Frank talks about his book “Five years to Live”  The story brings insight into our lives through his brother’s heartbreaking accident.  His brother was faced with a life altering injury leaving him with a severe spinal injury and a poor prognosis. Most people with this type of injury die within 5 years yet his brother has lived 35 years.  His brother expresses his gratitude for his accident and transformed his mission in life to change healthcare for spinal injury patients.  Diane and Frank inspire us to find our own unique path in life by unveiling the message in life’s challenges.

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